Welcome to the Theseus OS blog, where Theseus OS maintainers announce development and progress updates.

Posts from 2022

June 21 Porting Wasmtime to no_std atop Theseus
Apr. 29 Theseus is Hiring!
Apr. 12 More progress porting Wasmtime to Theseus
Feb. 3 Progress porting wasmtime-runtime to Theseus
Jan. 25 WASM has landed!
Jan. 13 2021: A Year in Review

Posts from 2021

Dec. 31 November-December 2021 Update: We have WASM liftoff!
Nov. 1 October 2021 Update: All about WASM
Oct. 4 August/September Update: A Proper Terminal Emulator
Aug. 2 June/July Update: Headless Operation on seL4
June 28 Hello (World!) from Theseus