pub fn new_channel<T: Send>(minimum_capacity: usize) -> (Sender<T>, Receiver<T>)
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Create a new channel that allows senders and receivers to asynchronously exchange messages via an internal intermediary buffer.

This channel’s buffer has a bounded capacity of minimum size 2 messages, and it must be a power of 2 due to the restrictions of the current MPMC queue type that is used. The given minimum_capacity will be rounded up to the next largest power of 2, with a minimum value of 2.

When the number of pending (buffered) messages is larger than the capacity, the channel is considered full. Depending on whether a non-blocking or blocking send function is invoked, future attempts to send another message will either block or return a Full error until the channel’s buffer is drained by a receiver and space in the buffer becomes available.

Returns a tuple of (Sender, Receiver).